Wednesday, April 4, 2012

10 Big Myths about Copyright

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 The article "10 Big Myths about Copyright Explained," by Brad
Templeton, explains the common myths regarding copyright.  "It doesn't hurt anybody--in fact it's free advertising" is myth #9.  Some people may try to justify their use of someone's work as "free advertising" but really you can never know how your use of their work is affecting the author or other people who want to enjoy the work.  This myth relates to the ISTE NETS 4 - Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility.  It is extremely important for educators to be aware of the laws and responsibilities regarding copyright so that they can not only model appropriate behavior for their students, but also teach the students the legal and safe way to use digital media.  With technology the way that it is today, it is so easy to copy someone's work without realizing your violation.  Understanding copyright laws from a young age is extremely important for students.  Students are using the internet now for so much and since there is so much information available out there, it is so simple to copy or use another person's work.  Most kids (and actually, adults) think that since it is out there on the web, it is available to use and not subject to copyrit.  Most kids actually don't even know what copyright is.  Copyright should be a serious issue in the classroom and should be covered extensively in lessons.  This will teach students at a young age how to appropriately use other's work.  Teachers need to be models and educators for following copyright laws and documenting sources properly.  They should always explain copyright to students and practice the appropriate use in their own works as well. 

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Templeton, B. (1994). 10 big myths about copyright revealed. Retrieved from

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