Monday, March 12, 2012

Common Core Standards - Advantages and Road Blocks

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I watched the video about the Elementary School level of implementing the Common Core Standards. The Common Core Standards-which are put in place to help students with college and career readiness skills-seem to have a lot of support from the educators across the nation.   The standards are meant to help students really internalize what they are learning.   There are certain domains that are focused on based on the grade (example shown below). 


 I think that the main advantage of the core standards is that the nation will have a common set of standards in its schools that need to be met so that all students are given an equal opportunity in their future.  It gives the schools around the nation one common goal, which I think is really great.  The standards holds teachers accountable for their jobs and also give them the tools they need to make sure that they are on track.  I think that adhering to a nation-wide set of standards rather than state-wide is a way to unify our nation and the opportunities that we are providing for future generations.   

Although I see the benefits of the standards, I do see how there could be potential road blocks associated with them as well.  Personally, I could see how a teacher could feel that their freedom to be creative in the classroom with their lessons is no longer there.  It seems that the standards that must be met will overtake the need to be creative with learning.  I think this is something that teachers will need to be innovative with so that they can find ways to still incorporate their own fun ideas into the implementation of the standards in the classroom.  

What do you think?

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  1. Hello Heidi,

    You and I watched the same video on common core standards and we agree on a couple of the same points. I believe standards are necessary and I think these new common core standards are relavant when it talks about tapping into the analytical minds of students. The video showed ways that students are solving math problems and how they have to explain how they got to the answer. It allows the student to analysize data and come up with a solution and there may be more than one solution to a problem. I also can see the possibilies of road blocks and I am thinking more for students with learning disabilities. Overall, it will be interesting when we are in classrooms faced with these common core standards, so familiarizing ourselves now is a good idea!

    Thanks for posting,